Diet Explained

Discover how diet really works and how to get great results!

What’s in our weight loss program

Customizable Meal Plans and Nutrition

Meals plans according to your food preferences 

A healthy diet is the first step to getting into better shape

Gives you a perfect starting point for your weight loss journey

Exercise & Lifestyle Improvement

Get into shape and lose weight by eating right

Eat more vegetables and skip the junk food

Easily create a diet plan to meet your individual needs 

Determine your macros (protein, carbs, fat) for easy tracking.

Your Success Follow Ups

Get healthy by eating better

Lose weight and improve your overall health

Make smarter choices that will support a long-term change in habits

Focus on living a healthy lifestyle vs. worrying about the occasional indulgence

The 3- Step Process

Learn how to get into shape with a healthy diet

Find out what foods your body needs and avoid the ones that will get in the way of progress

Lose weight fast, safe, and permanently! 

Get our proven weight loss products and Perfect Nutrition meal with the weight loss 

Follow Plan & See Results

Meal planning and food shopping support for those who need it

I am extremely happy with the Diet Explained as it has allowed me to attain the goals I had set for myself.I feel healthier, more confident and balanced.

Maria Thomas, 35
Make better fitness and nutrition decisions with personalized meal plans and recipes

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